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What You Can't Pressure Wash - Avoiding Potential Property Damage

What you cant

At one point, it was common to pressure wash anything outside a home, nailed down or not. It was as though having this new cleaning technology seemed to make it possible to clean all the things that had been challenging to clean before.

Unfortunately, as with all learning curve situations, it quickly became apparent that not all surfaces or materials were suitable for being subjected to a high-velocity stream of water.

Pressure washing is a great tool in the right circumstances. The trick is making sure that you're hiring a professional company that follows this same set of critical guidelines.

Safe but Effective and Efficient Exterior Cleaning

The first thing you should be aware of is what is and isn't suitable for traditional pressure washing techniques. Some common exterior surfaces that still get hit with power washing equipment that shouldn't are:

  • Roofing
  • Antique or Compromised Brick
  • Stucco
  • Softwoods
  • Windows

More than likely, you're beginning to notice a pattern. The more delicate, fragile, or potentially compromised surfaces shouldn't be cleaned with pressure washing measures.

The good news is that it doesn't mean those materials will have to be left dirty. It means using a cleaning method that's more appropriate for those areas, like soft washing.

Soft washing relies on biodegradable cleaning agents to do the work. Water spray is used for rinsing only and is the equivalent of what you get from your typical garden hose.

The key is making sure you work with professionals who offer this technique when you hire them for a job like roof cleaning. Why is it a big deal?

For example, your roof is an area of your home that should never be cleaned with power washing methods. It can damage or tear off shingles or lead to water intrusion.

When water gets trapped under your roofing material, it develops into mold and rot. Take good care of your home by using cleaning methods that help instead of harm.

Hire the Pros Who Put Safety First

At OTMC Exterior Cleaning, safety is our primary concern, tied only with customer satisfaction. We believe that every customer should be able to get exceptional cleaning services without the risk of property damage or personal injury being part of the process.

There should be no acceptable collateral damage just to get the outside of your house clean. For exceptional pressure washing in Scituate, contact us now for service.

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